TIU Mentors Network

TIU Mentors Network

The TIU Mentor’s Network brings together BAME professionals and business leaders with a passion for mentoring, coaching and educating the next generation. Through this network, you will gain access to:

Mentor Training

All our mentors take part in an online training programme that prepares them for the mentoring and coaching relationship. Key topics include: Unconscious Bias; The research behind TIU Mentoring; UK legislastion; child safety

Digital Library

You will get access to a wealth of online resources that will help you better support your mentee, develop you leadership abilities and assist you in furthering the TIU vision. The libaray includes templates and practical resources to help you suceed.


TIU Networking events are specially designed with you in mind. Check out our events page fro upcoming events. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events